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We put on dynamic, entertaining and immediate performance poetry events in venues throughout the UK and internationally, from bars and pubs to major theatres.



We were set up to enable more performance poets to develop full-time careers. We are dedicated to helping artists and the art form progress. Check out our list of associated poets, and how we discover and develop artists.



Collaborating with schools, local communities, hospitals, prisons and many other groups, we develop fun, creative workshops and long-term projects that engage, develop literacy, confidence and employability.

SPOKE PRESENTS: WORDCUP2014 - celebrating spoken word!

Coinciding with the football World Cup, WORDCUP2014 is a celebratory spoken word project for young people aged 13-15. Since April, teams selected from 10 schools in East London have been working with top professional poets to put pen to paper and create their own poetry and spoken word.

The teams will come together on stage for the live SPOKE: WORDCUP2014 poetry slam final at Stratford Circus on Saturday 12 July.

Follow our WORDCUP2014 teams here.

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